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About Rogue Copy

Behind every great brand is a delicious story waiting to be shared. As your guide, I'm here to help you write those stories in a way that not only captivates your community - but inspires action.

Together, we become a collective of women who defy the ordinary, embrace our uniqueness, and unite under a common purpose: to disrupt the status quo.

meet the founder & Writer, Hayley 

I spent my twenties freelance writing and travelling the world.

In my thirties, I decided it was my mission to help other mission-driven females build communities that help women thrive.

I’m obsessed with the written word, love the feminist takes on mythological stories, and don’t find it oppressive when men hold the door open for me.

about my clients

My clients are absolute icons. They are disrupting the status quo by believing in community over competition and building incredible lives and businesses for themselves.

Like me, they would love to see more matriarchs and deeply romanticise the power of sisterhood.

My clients aren’t interested in Bro Marketing. They want to build connections, sell with soul and always put people before profit (which by the way, generates more profit).

Like I said, icons!

designed for

My jam is writing content that brings together kick-ass communities and groups of female leaders who are all about building real connections.

Whether you're running a life-changing membership, a riot-rousing community, or a course cohort, let's team up to tell stories that inspire change and make those connections in your network even stronger!

random facts

Lives in

Manchester, England

favourite food


Favourite places

Lonodn, NY, Seoul

beach or city

Always a city

Tour bus or freestyle


secret talent

Thinking I can walk everywhere

Favourite icon

Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Roosevelt

Style Inspo

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

favourite book

Sundowers by Lesley Lokko