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Where people matter more than algorithms, where the extraordinary breaks free from the mundane and where we help you forge deep and lasting relationships with your audience.

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You know you want to build a community that is just as passionate about your mission as you are. And you have a strong feeling I’m the one to help you (your intuition serves you well).

You just aren’t sure which services you need…or you want to confirm I am the person I present myself as (which is totally understandable).

This 30-minute call will help clear up any reservations or uncertainties you may have.

If we’re a fired-up fit, I'll send over the final proposal, contract and initial invoice.

Pre-boarding: Clarity Call and Service Selection


step 3: Cruise

step 2: onboarding

Step 1: Pre-boarding

During this phase, we'll have our initial 90-minute kick-off call which allows me to really get to know your business. During the call we will:

- Work through, or establish, your brand voice
- Discuss all current and upcoming services
- Create a content strategy and set goals

Onboarding: The Kind of Admin that Pays Off


step 3: cruise

step 2: onboarding

step 1: Pre-boarding

Generally speaking, I follow a set schedule designed to give me the time to do the work and make edits, and you the time to review and implement.

For recurring packages, between the 1st and 16th I work on your copy, delivering it to you first thing on the 17th. You'll then have 5 days to read through and make notes. Those edits will be complete by the 24th, ready to use the following month.

For one-off projects, we’ll decide on the timeline during the clarity call, but most projects are turned around within a month.

Cruise: Where the Riot Starts


step 3: cruise

step 2: onboarding

step 1: Pre-boarding



i need my copy and content...

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Done for me

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Website Copy

// Projects & retainers

Website Copy

website copy | £2,300

Australia has the Great Barrier Reef. Paris has Versailles. Your business? It has it's website. Think of it as your rebel home base. A place meticulously crafted to elevate your brand, engage your visitors, and drive conversions.

Whether you're launching a new website or revamping your existing one, this package has everything you need to build your brand and make your community feel supported.

What you'll get 👇

Strategy Call - To craft a narrative that resonates with your target audience, I delve deep into your brand identity, values, goals, and client personas with a 90-minute onboarding call.

Home Page CTAs - Transform casual visitors into resolute community members with strategically placed and irresistible Calls-to-Action.

About Page - Connect with your audience on a personal level with an About Page that feels authentic to you and will have readers desperate to get to know you better.

Services Page - Showcase your cohorts with persuasive and informative content that will have your community speed-scrolling for the “buy here” button.

Email Opt-In CTAs - Build your mailing list with riot-rousing opt-in CTAs to use across your website.

3-Part Email Welcome Sequence - Nurture your new community members with an inspiring and entertaining 3-part welcome sequence.

Review and Editing - Once the first draft is complete, we’ll schedule a feedback call so you can tell me what you think. If there’s anything to change, I offer 1 round of reasonable edits.

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Ready to Launch

// Projects & retainers

Ready to Launch

Launch package | £2,800

Thinking about bringing your community to life with a cohort of some sort? Well, you’re in the right place.

Launching can be stressful and involves a lot of moving parts. This specially crafted “Ready to Launch” package is designed to inspire your community, help you stand out in the digital landscape, take away a huge chunk of your workload and propel you to success.

Trust me, you’ll love launching after you’ve offloaded most of the copy!

Here’s how I’ll make your life easier 👇

90-Minute Brand Voice and Personality Call - I understand the importance of authenticity in connecting with your audience. This personalised session ensures your personality and voice shine through every piece of content.

1 x Sales Page - Ignite excitement and drive conversions with a transformation-focused sales page designed to showcase the value of your community cohort, making enrolling a total no-brainer.

1 x Waitlist Opt-In Page - Everyone loves a good waitlist, especially when it comes with a discount or bonus. Let’s get people excited while you put the finishing touches to your cohort.

1 x Thank You Page - So simple, but can do so much! This page will nurture your hot leads by reminding them of the offer and provide essential next steps to keep the momentum going.

5-Part Email Sequence - Transform leads into cohort students with attention-grabbing subject lines, goal-evoking content and compelling calls-to-action. Each email is strategically designed to inspire your community members to consider the transformation you’re offering and take action.

3 x Instagram Captions - Designed to capture the attention of your cold, warm and hot leads.

1-Hour Feedback Call - Your vision is my priority. A detailed feedback call allows us to discuss the delivered content, address any concerns, and make adjustments.

1 x Round of Edits - I provide a round of edits to ensure the final content aligns perfectly with the heart and soul of your community cohort…and exceeds your expectations.

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Monthly Comms

// Projects & retainers

Monthly Comms

Communication System retainer | from £1,350 per month

Ready to cultivate a strong online presence, engage your audience with riot-rousing content and have an endless list of hot leads? 

This monthly package is designed to provide you with ongoing support, strategic guidance, and captivating content to ensure you become - and remain - the go-to person in your industry.

Here's what you’ll get each month 👇

1 x 90-Minute Brand Personality Call to kick things off - In this session, we'll delve into the core of your brand, shaping a unique personality that resonates with your audience and sets the foundation for all your content.

A Monthly Strategy Call - I’ll collaborate with you to discuss upcoming goals, analyse performance, and adjust strategies to ensure your community continually evolves and remains aligned with your business objectives.

Cohesive Communication System - 2024 is all about being omnipresent and delivering high-value content. Grow, nurture and convert your audience with a combination of blog articles, email newsletters, and Instagram captions every month. 

1 Round of Reasonable Edits - For the first 3 months (while we get comfortable with each other) we’ll have a feedback call to discuss the delivered content and I’ll provide 1 round of edits to fine-tune your content. 

// VIP Days

Done with me

// VIP

90-day (Successful) Rebellion

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90-day (Successful) Rebellion

From Reluctant to Resolute VIP Day | £1,200

The sales pitches for VIP Days often include words like transformative and immersive. And while those may seem like bold words, they are in fact, accurate. 

The 90-day (Successful) Rebellion is designed to give you the content,  communication systems and strategy to achieve your business goals.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have full clarity on:

🗣️ Your brand voice & personality and how to keep it cohesive, allowing your messaging to effortlessly resonate with your target audience ⏩ the clearer your message, the quicker your growth.

😏 How to make your copy and content work way harder than you ⏩ giving you more time to work on other areas of your business/spend time with friends or family/relax without feeling guilty. 

🚀 Your community and content strategy for the next 90 days ⏩ meaning you won’t be wasting your time wondering what to do. Instead, you’ll be taking inspired action that yields results.

So what’s included?

Tailored Tone of Voice Session - To help me serve you better, I’ll deep dive into the essence of your brand and craft a distinctive personality that not only speaks to your customers but leaves them feeling resolute about being part of your community. 

PS. Even if you have a brand voice you love, this is still a great exercise to help reconnect you with your audience and goals.

Communication Systems Audit - For your content to work harder than you, you need to utilise all the resources available. This audit will assess your current:

- Website copy (including SEO)
- Blog strategy, headlines and articles
- Email marketing strategy

The 90-day Strategy - Once we’ve evaluated where you are now, we’ll get to work on a strategy that will propel you forward…. waaaay forward!

"Super efficient, understood immediately what we do, adjusted herself to our voice, delivers fast and professional plus gives more than expected, I Highly recommend her work."

Jessica Meza | Haugan Cruises
Boutique cruise experience, The Galapagos Islands

"Was there for me when in need as I just couldn’t think outside of the box and write what was needed and necessary! Clear and precise she writes with ease keeping my audience intrigued. She’s now my first point of contact to save me valuable time!" 

Sarah Jane Thompson | Shy Aviation
Private Jets that fly adopted animals to their new homes

"Hayley really helped us come to grips with our brand voice and understood immediately what we wanted to achieve. Working with her is so easy." 

Victoria Bhusari | The Brow Collective
Not quite travel, but I fell in love with their mission